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Amazon A9 Algorithm

The A9 Algorithm is the system that Amazon uses to determine how products are ranked in search results. It is a similar algorithm which Google uses for its search result. In that, it considers keywords in deciding which results are most related to the search and therefore which it will display first.

There is one difference between Google and Amazon’s algorithms: the A9 algorithm also puts a strong emphasis on sales conversions. This is because Amazon is a business, and has a vested interest in promoting listings that are more likely to result in sales. Therefore Amazon will rank listings with a strong sales history and high conversion rate more highly.

This has a cumulative effect: products which are more highly ranked are more likely to receive more traffic and thus have a better chance of achieving high sales. In turn, this will boost their ranking, and so on.

Factors that Influence Amazon Rankings

Amazon ranking is influenced by the following factors:

Product Title: When indexing your merchandise page, then the A9 algorithm will initially undergo your name to learn what you market. It needs to have the ability to spot the item category, manufacturer name, model name, color/variation, size/capacity, and educational keywords (the name length will proceed up to 200 characters based on the class ). The very first search results are normally those which have a specific keyword match from the item name.

Product Description: A merchandise description explains your merchandise, exactly what it is and it’s worth purchasing. It provides potential clients enough details regarding its features and advantages to draw them and induce them to make a buy. Additionally, it plays a very important part in Amazon research positions and rankings.

Bullet Points: Buyers consider bullet points rather than lengthy descriptions. There are a couple of things:

  1. Amazon has a lot of limitations in text limits when it comes to the product list. Consequently, the words ought to be succinct and picked carefully.
  2. Amazon permits utilizing 5 bullets for a product list. So, it is crucial to use them.

Photos: Amazon provides quite detailed specifications for merchandise photographs (resolution, desktop color, monitoring, etc.). Although it’s evident that great pictures increase CTR and conversion rate, the A9 algorithm is capable of confirming that photographs obey the guidelines. Non-compliant images will tank the rank of this item page.

Reviews: There are 3 main criteria that A9 considers: average product evaluation, the number of reviews, and inspection quality. High-rank products generally include 4.5/5 5/5 evaluations, with a fantastic ratio of favorable testimonials and a large number of testimonials. Reviews that include images and are comprehensive are considered quality and enhance the rank.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC- A+ Content)

It’s an Amazon service, offered to specialist vendors (both Sellers and Vendors) that have been accepted as owners. In summary, it provides rich content service on the item pages. Though Amazon doesn’t catalog EBC, the A9 algorithm nevertheless favors pages using A+ articles since it reveals the vendor’s authenticity, provides added-value components and boosts earnings by 3 to 10 percent based on Amazon.

Product Availability

If you’ve run out of stock, the listing ranking may decrease or disappear. Always plan accordingly.

Do Your Hashtag Research

Hashtag research is when you place a hashtag before the main keyword. This allows you to get all the keywords that combine with the main keyword to form prefixes. Even without the hashtag, you stand to get many keywords but it’s not quite as effective in pulling up a variety of results.


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
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