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Amazon Advertising: Tools for Increasing Product Visibility

As an Amazon seller, your main objective is to get your product in front of as many buyers as possible. But with rivalry high, where do you even start? Gratefully, there are numerous Amazon advertising tools designed to help sellers endorse their products.

From sponsored ads and video ads to storefronts and more, sellers have plenty of choices for how to advertise their Amazon products and brands.

What’s in a Name? Amazon Advertising Rebrand

Amazon sellers looking to advertise their products had to paddle through three different marketing channels and decide which one was finest for their business. Amazon presented Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Advertising Platform as their three marketing pillars.

Though, the disjointed nature of having multiple advertising platforms was seen as gratuitously confusing to a lot of sellers. Numerous people found it hard to decrypt where you needed to go running the types of ads you wanted with so many different acronyms and platforms.

Sponsored Product Ads

In short, Sponsored Ads are pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements that allow brands to encourage their products with keyword-targeted ads. As you have shopped on Amazon before, you’ve likely seen these ads. These appear with a small “Sponsored” tag after you have typed in a related keyword.

Sponsored Brands

Earlier known as Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted ads that permit brands to have a custom headline and logo within their ad. Also, Brands practice these advertisements to drive shoppers to a custom landing page or their Amazon Store.

Display Ads

Like sponsored ads, Display Ads also use a pay-per-click model. However, there are some variances. While sponsored ads are keyword targeted, Display Ads permit you to target your ad based on shopper interest or a specific product. Appeared Like

  • Detail pages
  • Below search results
  • Customer review pages
  • Top of the offer listing page

Video Ads

Video Ads are a great way for supporters to really tell their brand story and involve customers in a matchless way. These ads show up in brand-safe surroundings via trusted channels.

One main point to recall about video ads is they need a budget of $35,000 or more in the United States. These are classically going to be utilized by sellers or brands that have bigger advertising budgets.


Stores permit sellers to make their own website within Amazon with its own branded URL. This is a boundless way to showcase your brand layer and product portfolio in a curated customer destination while providing a place to drive advertisements to. They don’t need any coding skills to set up.

Amazon DSP

Recognized formerly as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform. This permits sellers to programmatically reach viewers on Amazon sites as well as through publishing partners and third-party exchanges. Unlike other advertising options where the main area is to have a direct impact on sales, the main goal of DSP campaigns is to build brand and product responsiveness. This is more for companies that appreciate the nature of brand advertising and are already running display ads on other platforms.


  • Impression: An impression is produced every time your ad is displayed.
  • Click: A click is produced when an operator clicks or taps your ad.
  • Click-through rate: Click-through rate is the number of clicks your ad generates divided by the number of times your ad is displayed (impressions).
  • Detail page view: A page view, or DPV, happens when a customer visit one of your brand’s product detail pages after clicking your ad.
  • Total sales: Also, Sum of sales attributed to your campaign. A sale is qualified to your campaign each time a customer clicks your ad and purchases your products within 14 days. It takes 3 days after your first click for this data to begin showing in your report.
  • ACOS: The normal advertising cost of sales (ACOS) is the amount you’ve spent on a campaign divided by the total sales attributed to your ad.


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
CEO @ eCom Managers
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Amazon Expert and Author

Raja is an Extremely Dynamic Marketer & Consumer Behavior Analyst. He holds a Degree of Consumer Behavior & Marketing from the University of Punjab Pakistan. Along With His Own Amazon Selling Business, he is Also a Consultant & Trainer to the Many Amazon Sellers & Brands. In his Career, Raja Worked in Multiple Organization at Managerial & Leadership Roles. He Helps More Than 140 Amazon Sellers Through His Result Driven Strategies and Tactics.

His Main Area of Expertise Includes Product Hunting, Launching, Ranking, Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Merchandising. Raja Have working Experience on Almost all the Amazon Market Places But Mainly Includes USA, UK, Canada, Germany and India

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