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Amazon Review Management

Are you fed up with managing the reviews? Let’s check how you can manage the reviews.

Increase your sales on Amazon with Amazon Review Management:

Reviews influence the purchase decisions of 80 percent of shoppers, emphasizing that businesses need to prioritize review management if they want to succeed and rank well on Amazon. That is why vendors and sellers invest in Amazon review management services. Online reviews are a huge part of how people shop today.

Amazon Review Management Consists of  two main Tactics:

  1. Encouraging new reviews
  2. Addressing and removing negative reviews

How to get more (Positive) Reviews from your Customers?

Bad reviews are a problem all their own, but not getting reviews at all will still hurt you. Amazon sellers have two main steps they can take to increase their chances of earning positive reviews from customers to keep their star rating as high and strong as possible.

Implement Best Practices:

This may seem obvious, but it’s too important not to mention: you have to provide your Amazon customers with a great experience if you want them to give you a good review. If you’re fulfilling an order yourself, that means getting it to them within the promised time frame and packaged in a way that keeps it in good condition until it reaches their front door.

It also means doing quality control. Sometimes, your customers will receive products that don’t work right it happens. But, you want it to happen as rarely as possible. Check all your products for flaws so you can weed out the problem stock before it can get to your customers.

Send Follow-Up Emails:

People are busy. And if they don’t have anything bad to say, likely, they won’t say anything at all. Even if they love the product you sent, most aren’t going to take a minute out of their hectic day to review it without a little nudge. Amazon has some strict rules about how you’re allowed to contact customers directly, but they do allow follow-up emails after every purchase. This is an opportunity every Amazon seller should absolutely take advantage of. Use your emails to:

  1. Check on your customers’ satisfaction level. You want to make sure they’re happy with the product you sent.
  2. Proactively offer to solve any problems. If they’re not happy, you want to hear about it now, so you can try to make it right before they leave a bad review.
  3. Request a review. Politely ask them to take a couple of minutes to review the product and their experience. Emphasize how little time it takes, and include a link to make it super easy.

How to Handle Negative Amazon Reviews?

Getting happy customers to take time to review is a challenge, but unsatisfied customers are often all too happy to take a few minutes out of their day to complain. Their reviews can tank your rating average and drive customers away if you don’t do something about it.

Contact Customers to make it Right:

The first and, in most cases, the best step to getting rid of negative reviews is turning them into positive experiences for customers with the right response. Speed matters here. Buyers can update feedback on a seller transaction within 60 calendar days from the date they originally left the feedback. You want to get in touch with an upset customer as soon as possible after they leave a review the same day is ideal, and within the hour is better. Many Amazon review tools will alert you each time you receive a review so you can get in touch with your customer fast.

Whatever you do, though, don’t directly ask them to remove or update their negative review until after you’ve solved their problem. Don’t offer to provide a refund or replacement in exchange for an updated review. Amazon wants you to make things right to improve the customer experience, not as a bribe.

After you’ve resolved the issue, you can ask for them to update or remove the review, but even then, be careful not to pressure them. You have to find the right balance here to avoid running afoul of Amazon’s rules.

If you don’t get a response to your email, you can reply publicly on Amazon. Even if the upset customer still doesn’t respond, other buyers will be able to see that you tried to make things right.

Make sure you keep your response professional and helpful and never be insulting or defensive. Your reply is not only for the customer in question, but also shows your great customer service to other Amazon shoppers.

Remove Negative Reviews:

If you get a negative review that falls into one of these categories, you can submit a feedback removal request to Amazon. While logged into your account, go to the Contact Us page under the “Help” section of Seller Central and select “Customers and orders.”

When prompted, provide the Order ID. The next page will list the reasons you can provide for appealing a review. Choose the reason that applies to your case, and provide all the requested information. Amazon will review your request and remove the review if they agree that it doesn’t meet the guidelines.

Reviews can make or break an Amazon seller. Treat every order you fill as an opportunity to increase your star average. Make sure you provide high-quality products and top-notch service. And, when you get a negative review despite your best efforts,  know it happens to the best of us. Do the work to get it removed by resolving the root problem or by going straight to Amazon. Then,  you’ll be on your way to the 4- and 5-star product ratings your Amazon listings need.


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
CEO @ eCom Managers
Show Host @ eCom Stories With Raja
Amazon Expert and Author

Raja is an Extremely Dynamic Marketer & Consumer Behavior Analyst. He holds a Degree of Consumer Behavior & Marketing from the University of Punjab Pakistan. Along With His Own Amazon Selling Business, he is Also a Consultant & Trainer to the Many Amazon Sellers & Brands. In his Career, Raja Worked in Multiple Organization at Managerial & Leadership Roles. He Helps More Than 140 Amazon Sellers Through His Result Driven Strategies and Tactics.

His Main Area of Expertise Includes Product Hunting, Launching, Ranking, Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Merchandising. Raja Have working Experience on Almost all the Amazon Market Places But Mainly Includes USA, UK, Canada, Germany and India

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