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What is a Chatbot? Why are Chatbots Important for business?

Chatbot What is a chatbot? Why are chatbots important for business? Chatbot applications AI chatbot: Which chatbot application is right for you? Recently, new tools designed to simplify the interaction between humans and computers have hit the market: Chatbots or Virtual Assistants. In banking, chatbots and virtual assistants are some of the industry’s newest tools […]

How to Remove Negative review on Amazon

Amazon has over 2 million third-party sellers that cover quite half its sales — with this much competition, Amazon sellers must maintain a high feedback rating to differentiate themselves and stay successful. Without a stellar review rating, sellers can’t build the buyer’s trust. By scanning feedback ratings on Amazon seller profiles, buyers quickly determine which […]

What is Amazon Account Health?

To view your account health, follow these instructions: Go to Seller Central homepage. Under Performance, click Account Health. The Account Health page provides an overview of your seller account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon. To ensure we are delivering a great experience for our customers, Amazon might take action on […]

Amazon is testing a New Inventory Dashboard

Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard has a suite of built-in tools that sellers can access for free. The manage inventory tool allows sellers to view data about their products. Sellers can access this information and download reports to help them to make better decisions about their inventory. Amazon is currently beta testing a new Inventory Dashboard for third-party sellers which includes a […]

Blog Amazon Video Ads

Product Overview Amazon video ads allow advertisers to reach Amazon customers with targeted video on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps, and Fire tablet wake screen. Convey your brand message with out-stream auto-play video for an engaging ad experience. Placements on Amazon Available in the following placements: Home Page – Desktop – 300 x 250 Home Page […]

What are the features of Orders tab on Seller Central?

What is the Manage Orders page? Your Manage Orders page provides a customizable view of all of your orders on all sales channels. You’ll view all orders with a given date range or use Search and Advanced Search to filter specific sorts of orders. To view the page from your seller account, click Orders, and then click Manage Orders. Here is a few additional information: Buyers’ phone […]

What is Amazon vine?

Amazon Vine is a program which invites the most trusted reviewers on Amazon to post opinions about new and pre-release items which helps their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions. Amazon invites customers to become Vine Voices based on their reviewer rank, which is a reflection of the quality and helpfulness of their reviews as […]

Amazon Store Front

There are many reasons as to why brands should build an Amazon Store. An Amazon Store enables your brand to create an immersive virtual shopping experience that can be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products. These stores are also mobile responsive, making it easier for customers to discover and learn about other products in your […]

What are UPCs, EANs, ISBNs and ASINs?

UPC A UPC is usually 12 digits long and represents attributes like the weight of the product, the merchandise type, name, etc. Why are these attributes important? Because a machine (barcode reader) ‘reads’ this code and links its attributes to a particular price. Indeed, the advent of UPC has made possible the utilization of computerized billing and faster checkouts. As the name implies, this coding is universal, therein every retailer and each marketplace […]

How to do Bulk Listing

Are you afraid of listing products on amazon one by one? Yes, you should afraid because it’s a hectic and time-consuming activity. If you are asked to list multiple products on Amazon one by one, then you will get stuck badly. Let’s discuss the solution to this problem. Solution: You can do listing in bulk […]