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Product Overview

Amazon video ads allow advertisers to reach Amazon customers with targeted video on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps, and Fire tablet wake screen. Convey your brand message with out-stream auto-play video for an engaging ad experience.

Placements on Amazon

Available in the following placements:

  1. Home Page – Desktop – 300 x 250
  2. Home Page – Smartphones (Below the Fold) – 300 x 250
  3. Home Page – Tablet Shopping App – 300 x 250
  4. Detail Page – Smartphones – 414 x 125
  5. Detail Page – Desktop – 970 x 250
  6. Fire Tablet (beta) (available in US, UK, DE) (requires custom background)

Amazon video ads are required to follow existing creative policies for supported placements.

Autoplay Video Behavior

Amazon video ads will automatically play the video content when the video is at least 50% visible on the screen. Autoplay in Amazon video ads is always muted – audio playback requires user interaction. Autoplay is automatically paused if the video is scrolled out of view.

Video Guidelines

Ad units must include the following assets:

Video asset requirements
Video dimensions 1920 x 1080 px (16:9) recommended
Frame rate At least 15 FPS
Audio 128 kbps / 44 khz
Recommended bit rate 2 MBps
Preferred codec Video: H.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4; Audio: MP3 or AAC
File size less than 500 MB
Video duration Desktop & Mobile: up to 3 minutes (15 seconds or less highly recommended). Fire tablet: Up to 15 seconds
Letterboxing Videos should not have black bars on any side of the video content

Video files will be transcoded to optimize their size and appearance in Amazon’s ad placements.
Make sure your video does not include call-to-action elements that encourage clicking (e.g., a button shape that says “learn more”). Clicking on the video player will play or restart the video with sound enabled.

In addition to these requirements, we recommend:

  1. Using a short video clip – we recommend that the core of the message be delivered in the first 5 seconds.
  2. Ensuring your ad can be understood, and is still engaging, without sound. For example, show products in use instead of a person describing the product. Use text headlines in your video to get the point across without narration.

Template Layout

By default, Amazon video ads include the advertiser’s brand logo, a text headline, and a call to action link alongside the video player. This template layout does not require creative design support from Amazon Advertising and is available for mobile and desktop placements.

Creative Requirements

  1. Optional logo image (JPG, PNG, and GIF files accepted). Minimum width of 600 px, a minimum height of 100 px, the maximum file size of 100 KB. Note: the logo is not used in 414×125 mobile ads.
  2. Headline: up to 50 characters of text describing your campaign messaging.
  3. Supported call to action options: “Shop now”, “Learn more”, “See details”, “Pre-order now”, “Buy tickets”, “Rent now”, “Rent or buy now”, “Get a quote”

Custom Background

Amazon video ads can optionally use a custom background image behind the video player. This option includes support for the Fire Tablet wake screen ad placement in the US, UK, and DE for beta advertisers. Ads using a custom background require creative design support from Amazon Advertising.

Creative Requirements

Custom-background Amazon video ads feature a standard ad background image and an in-banner video player. Clicking on the background image takes the Amazon customer to the ad’s click-through destination. Clicking on the video player will play the ad’s video clip with audio enabled.

Background Guidelines (desktop and mobile)

Follow established placement-based creative specs and policies for the production of custom background images. Amazon video ads use high-resolution images and require all text to be legible on supported devices.

Reserve space in your background image for the video player, which has a fixed size and location. Photoshop templates illustrating video positions for the desktop and mobile ad sizes are available in the sidebar of this page.

Ad placement size Image dimensions Max. file weight File format Headline & body text Disclaimer text Image border
414 x 125 (mobile) 1242 x 375 px 100 kb JPG or PNG Minimum of 40 pts Minimum of 30 pts 2px
300 x 250 (desktop & mobile) 600 x 500 px 40 kb JPG or PNG 32-50 pts Minimum of 26 pts 2px
970 x 250 (desktop) 1940 x 500 px 200 kb JPG, GIF, or PNG 36–80 pts 24–30 pts 2px

Background Guidelines (Fire Tablet)

Follow established placement-based creative specs and policies for the production of custom background images. Fire Tablet creative require assets in both portrait and landscape orientation; refer to the Fire Tablet guidelines for more information.

Asset Image dimensions Max. file weight File format Headline & body text Disclaimer text
Background 1200 x 1920 px (portrait) or 1920 x 1200 px (landscape) 300 kb JPG 12 words, 20 words with supporting copy. Minimum 32pt 1 line. Minimum 27pt


Poster image requirements (Fire Tablet)

Aspect ratio Poster images should precisely match the aspect ratio of your video file, to prevent the video player from changing size when autoplay is finished.
Image size Less than 100 KB
Image file type .JPG or.PNG

We recommend using a frame from the video as your poster image, for situations where the autoplay feature is not available.


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