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Brand Metrics

NTB metrics define whether an ad-attributed sale was made by the current customer or by one buying your product on Amazon for the first time in the last year. NTB Metrics grip total new-to-brand purchases and sales, NTB purchase rate, and cost per new-to-brand customer.

How do I use these metrics?

Also, these NTB metrics will support you make decisions when optimizing your Sponsored Brands campaigns. In NTB after 2 weeks, use the metrics to:

  • In all Campaigns Detect which campaigns have the supreme percentage of new-to-brand orders, then take a look at those campaigns. Do you see any configurations in the headlines or creative? If so, double down on your struggles. We indorse increasing your bids and budgets, as acquiring new customers may be more expensive.
  • Also, within a campaign, identify your keywords that have the uppermost percentage of new-to-brand sales. Then, use these keywords in new campaigns targeted at motivating new customers.
  • Want to reach and appoint current customers? Look at campaigns with the lowermost percentage of new-to-brand orders or sales. You might want attention on encouraging these ads to shoppers already aware of your brand.

3 Schemes for New-To-Brand Metrics in Amazon PPC

This NTB metric has in 4 ways:

  • New-to-Brand Orders
  • % of Orders New-to-Brand
  • New-to-Brand Sales
  • % of Sales New-to-Brand

Note: New to brand is only accessible for Sponsored Brand ads, which means you have to be both brands registered and running SB ads in order to view this metric.

How do I use New-to-Brand metrics? 

By using three ways in which NTB metrics can help you grow your campaign strategy:

  • Computing reach/expansion
  • Evaluating competitor targeting campaigns
  • Examining customer loyalty & branding strength

Computing Reach and Expansion

Everyone knows that if you want to raise your business, you have to raise your customer base. Obtaining new customers can be costly, but the life-time-value of a customer may be value it. NTB metrics support you estimate customer acquisition costs so you can make informed judgements about your campaign policy.

For example, if you’re selling a useable product like shampoo, you may be willing to run your campaigns at an extraordinary ACOS, provided that the majority of your purchases are NTB.

Competitor Targeting

It feels good to snip customers from your competition, doesn’t it? If you’re targeting a competitor’s brand, you’ll be able to evaluate the success of your keywords with new-to-brand metrics.

  • If your New to Brand % is high, this means your ads are working and you’ve fruitfully taken some market share away from your competitors!
  • If your New to brand % is low, that means you’ve retained customers who started looking at the competition.

Customer Loyalty & Brand Strength

Few customers aren’t aware of your entire catalog. For example, someone who loves your hair products may not recognize you also sell skin products. When they end up searching for “body butter” and find your ad in the search results, like a trustworthy companion they stay by your side!

A low new to brand % can also be an indicator of the strength of your brand awareness. Amazon shoppers distinguish your brand and trust the quality of your products.

The Bottom Line

NTB metrics help you estimate the cost of obtaining new customers on Amazon. You can use these metrics to manipulate your ACOS and reach goals for your PPC campaigns.


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Raja Hamza Rasheed
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