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Facebook Advertising Tools That’ll Save You Time and Money

Facebook wants you to spend money on advertising and media campaigns. The social media network giant wants you to achieve success. This is why it provides so many marketing tools, as well as the ability to get started for as little as $5.

For those times when you need help as a business owner, for advertisers who truly care about saving time and money, there are several Facebook advertising tools to consider utilizing for your small business.

1-Facebook Ads Manager

Through Facebook Ads Manager, you have access to all of the marketing tools necessary to create targeted ads meant to reach your audience.

This is the most basic Facebook marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. If you plan on advertising your small business on Facebook, you must understand how to use it as part of your media strategy.

There is a five-step approach to getting started with Facebook Ads:

  1. Create a Facebook page or use one that is already existing.
  2. Provide information on what you want to promote.
  3. Choose the appropriate audience for your ad.
  4. Set your budget.
  5. Track your results.

There are no two ways about it: this is the one advertising tool that you need to fully understand if you plan on reaching your goals. Fortunately, Facebook makes it extremely simple to get started.

2-Facebook Ads Manager App

Are you the type of person who is spending less time on your desktop and more time on your smartphone or tablet?

There are billions of smartphone users worldwide and this number is expected to grow even larger. Facebook is aware of this.  That’s why the company has dedicated so many resources to provide a strong mobile experience.

But, there is more to the mobile experience than updating your profile and communicating with others. You can also use its Ads Manager App to control all of your marketing campaigns without the need for a desktop computer.

By using the app, marketing professionals have the opportunity to:

  1. Track ad performance.
  2. Edit existing ads.
  3. Edit schedules and budgets.
  4. Create ads.
  5. Receive push notifications.


One of the top platforms for creating Facebook advertising campaigns, Qwaya is the perfect solution for media marketing experts.

There are many features worth mentioning, but I want to focus on two of my favourites:

Ads A/B Testing

If you aren’t A/B testing your ads, you’ll never know where to spend your money in the future. With Qwaya, this is never an issue, as you can test every variable imaginable, ensuring that you know what’s performing best at all times.

From ad type to news feed placement, use this feature to get more out of every dollar you spend on your social media strategy.


The more online marketing campaigns you run, regardless of the platform, the more difficult it is to track what’s active and what’s not when it comes to boosting your lead generation.

This isn’t an issue when you use the Qwaya scheduling tool. This allows you to schedule campaigns at times when your ROI is highest. Why run ads when your target audience isn’t online and ready to buy? It’s a waste of a good marketing effort. You need to schedule your campaigns based on targeted days and times.


Have you ever used a marketing tool on your media account that is too complicated? You know it could work for your small business, but you don’t have the time, experience or knowledge to put it to good use.

Well, AdEspresso is the exact opposite. When it comes to Facebook advertising and marketing tools, this one is, by far, among the simplest and most straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to get started, the learning curve is minimal and the results can be astounding for your digital marketing success.

If you stay current with my blog, you know that I’m a big numbers guy. The more data the better and the more chance of quality lead generation. While AdEspresso has a lot going for it, it’s the powerful analytics tools that really gets my blood flowing. Some of the features include:

  1. Clean, easy to understand visual analytics.
  2. Customizable dashboards, allowing you to pinpoint top-performing ads and focus on the numbers that mean the most to you.
  3. Detailed metrics for those who want to dig deeper.

Here is how AdEspresso describes its approach to analytics:

Information is displayed in a clear, actionable way, making it simple to understand how your campaign is being optimized. If you want to go in-depth, you can still access every metric available on Facebook and many more available only in AdEspresso.

Are you still unsure of how AdEspresso works with social media marketing? Are you concerned that you won’t know how to use the tool? Another great feature is “AdEspresso Academy.”


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
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