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How to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing?

There are many platforms some are given below



Ever since Instagram has entered the market, it has gained immense popularity. It has taken the social world by storm and has taken a sweet spot for e-retailers. It is a great platform to attract millions of customers out there.

Facebook Ads

The entire world is on Facebook today, and we should not miss a platform like this. You can advertise your products on Facebook and see the results for yourself. But also note that it can have a few drawbacks.


Despite having rocky growth, Twitter remains one of the world’s largest social networks with over 320 million monthly active users. It’s not the first place we’d recommend you use to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, but it can be a traffic goldmine if used strategically.

Show Your Products on YouTube

When we say “YouTube,” what’s the first thing that hits your mind? Videos? Movies? Fun? Music? True.

But as a seller, see YouTube from a different perspective. It is one of the largest video streaming platforms in the world with a huge audience base. So, why not leverage it to benefit your selling business? Makes sense right? You can market your products to increase your Amazon product sales.

Contact bloggers 

Blogs are one of the best ways to bring external traffic to your product listings. They are great for bringing visibility to the right audience and bring in more sales.

Create a wonderful product video

About 1/3rd of internet users spend most of their time watching videos. A good video can influence people if done the right way.

Now, if you are already a registered brand or trademark, and you are also a part of the Amazon Brand Registry program, then you are lucky.

Use Google Ads

Though social media sites are the best way to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings, you cannot overlook a giant like Google too.

Be it searching for information or looking for the right products, Google has always been the first place for all of us. You will be fascinated to read what a study report reveals. According to this survey report, 63.2% of internet searches in the United States search on Google, and 93% of them use Google on their mobile phones.

At this point, as a seller, you might wonder, why should even think of Google when you can just focus on Amazon’s platform to popularize your products? Why would we even want to expand besides Amazon?

Well, there are multiple advantages to using marketing channels apart from Amazon. It helps you to grow your business. Even though your priority should be to optimize your traffic as well as conversions within Amazon, you cannot miss out on Google.

Amazon offers sellers lots of tools to help them access thousands of buyers who are “primed” to make a purchase. But the moment a potential shopper buys your product on Amazon, he or she isn’t your customer. It is Amazon’s!

Also, remember you will violate Amazon’s policies if you contact its customers for promoting or marketing purposes. However, the case with Google ads is entirely different. If you use it wisely, you can also collect the contact info of potential customers.

Well, the trick is to connect Google ads and your amazon product listings via a “landing page.” This is exactly the place where you can connect with your customers. Different tools can help you create an attractive landing page in no time. So, you don’t have to be worried about that.

If you have already worked with Amazon’s Sponsored Products, then Google Ads will be easier to understand.

What should you do?

Create a Google ads account. Note that Google Ads are categorized into 3 levels: AD, AD Group, and Campaign.

You can systematize your AD campaigns in various ways. However, the best approach is to choose one item for your ad campaign. Break or divide this AD campaign into 3-5 AD groups. Every AD group should contain 3-6 keywords, which will be categorically related. Every AD group should have different ads but all centered within the category.

When it comes to Google ads and Amazon ads, Keyword Research plays a very important role, as it affects your organic rankings. One wrong move and it is over. Not only is your hard-earned money involved but also your time and efforts. Besides this, a wrong step can also bring your product’s organic rankings down.

Closing thoughts

As incredibly valuable as Amazon optimization is, sometimes we must find other ways to drive traffic. Maybe you have a new product that hasn’t yet built demand on Amazon, maybe you’re looking to thrive in a heavily contested category, or maybe business is just great – but it could always be better.

Bottom line is, off-platform traffic to Amazon is an excellent tool for increasing organic sales. Every one of the platforms discussed has benefits – and drawbacks. Experts may spend entire careers learning the ins and outs to get the optimal results, but that’s the beauty of the information age: We are free to experiment and learn. With proper management and precautions, it could just be the key to securing that page-one spot you’re after.

If you feel off-platform traffic is the key to your business succeeding, and it just maybe, it is never a bad time to start.


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
CEO @ eCom Managers
Show Host @ eCom Stories With Raja
Amazon Expert and Author

Raja is an Extremely Dynamic Marketer & Consumer Behavior Analyst. He holds a Degree of Consumer Behavior & Marketing from the University of Punjab Pakistan. Along With His Own Amazon Selling Business, he is Also a Consultant & Trainer to the Many Amazon Sellers & Brands. In his Career, Raja Worked in Multiple Organization at Managerial & Leadership Roles. He Helps More Than 140 Amazon Sellers Through His Result Driven Strategies and Tactics.

His Main Area of Expertise Includes Product Hunting, Launching, Ranking, Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Merchandising. Raja Have working Experience on Almost all the Amazon Market Places But Mainly Includes USA, UK, Canada, Germany and India

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