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How to upload products in Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central is a web interface initiated built to be largely utilized by manufacturers and distributors. Selling your products through the Amazon Vendor Central gives you the privilege to be the first-party seller. In Amazon Vendor Central the seller acts as a supplier and sells the items in a bulk to Amazon and then Amazon sells & ships those products to single customers on their own.


Methods of uploading products in Amazon Vendor Central

Generally, there are two types of uploading process of products in Amazon Vendor Central among which one is in bulk through Template file and another is Manual upload from Vendor Central Interface.

Since we know that Amazon sellers can join Vendor Central only via an invitation from the corporate team and so as soon as they push the start button their products are listed as “sold by Amazon”. This means that there is no doubt that this phrase boosts the shoppers’ trust and faith in the product.

For a seller or as Amazon calls them “supplier” the perfect feed of their product is a vital section of listing but compared to the Seller Central, the Vendor Central makes it more comprehensible. Let’s walk through the process of bulk listing through the Template file and Manual Listing in the Amazon Vendor Central.

Bulk feed to Amazon Vendor Central

For listing the products, it needs to be in a particular Spreadsheet structure, which Amazon Vendor Central provides on their website. At first, we will go to the ‘Items’ category and select the sub-category ‘Bulk Product Submission’.

After selecting the sub-category ‘Bulk Product Submission’ it will take us to another page where we are able to observe some caution regarding bulk product upload which can only be uploaded by spreadsheets.

Now, to download the spreadsheet, we click on the ‘Downloads’ tab right below the ‘Bulk product submissions’ title. In ‘Downloads’ we can see the latest update of the spreadsheet. Not only the page let us download the spreadsheet but also displays the date of creation and the number of products.

The spreadsheet contains different columns and rows which need to be filled.

After saving the spreadsheet, select the “Submission” tab, then Upload Products to upload the spreadsheet and wait for a while.

The end result of that process would be showing us the error and successfully uploaded the product. And the error named products will have a different spreadsheet to sort them out and re-upload them again using the same methods.

Manual Upload to Amazon Vendor Central

For the Manual Upload, or as we say adding a single product, the methods are a bit different because any single product could be uploaded anytime in case the supplier missed or forgot the item. Normally, after a bulk listing or feeding, we see some of the products merged with some other products or any slight errors. In that case, the manually uploading product would be a relevant option.


For doing that we have to click category ‘Items’ then subcategory ‘Add product’.

A tab will open as ‘Adding Single Product’, where we can see different categories based on the product. Since we know the supplier left the product during the bulk uploading time because of possible errors so the Add Product option has ‘Add new or Existing products’ and the supplier has to provide (ASIN, UPC, EAN, or GTIN) codes to upload the product.

Another option provides the privilege of adding a product out of the ‘Supported Category’ in two ways named ‘Add Single Product’ and ‘Add Multiple Product with a NIS template. After, selecting one of them we have to upload our file with information regarding (ASIN, UPC, EAN, or GTIN).

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