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What are the features of Orders tab on Seller Central?

What is the Manage Orders page?

Your Manage Orders page provides a customizable view of all of your orders on all sales channels. You’ll view all orders with a given date range or use Search and Advanced Search to filter specific sorts of orders. To view the page from your seller account, click Orders, and then click Manage Orders.

Here is a few additional information:

Buyers’ phone numbers won’t be visible for orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. If you want to contact the customer, follow the steps listed on the Contact a buyer page.
For seller-fulfilled orders, we offer you with a phone number that connects to the customer during the fulfilment period. After delivery is complete, this phone number will not connect to the customer.

You have to confirm shipment of the orders with Amazon within 30 days of the order date. Otherwise, the Amazon will automatically cancel the order and you’ll not be paid, even though you shipped the order. One week before the 30-day cutoff, you’ll see a warning in Manage Orders (“Confirm as shipped by [date] to avoid cancellation”), and you’ll receive a notification by email.
When you confirm shipment for even one item in an order, we charge the customer for the whole order. If the whole order isn’t confirmed, you’ll see the “Shipment is late” status in Manage Orders and a warning message on your seller account’s home page. These will appear even if you’ve got refunded the remaining items within the order.

What is Order Reports page

The Order History Reports feature allows customers to download the shipment, return, and refund activity for Amazon.com orders. The report is in a “CSV” format, which is compatible with the Microsoft Excel.
To create your Order History Report:

  1. Go to Order History Reports form Your Account.
  2. Select the report type from the menu, then fill within the start date, end date, and report name.
  3. Click Request Report.
  4. When the report will be complete, you’ll receive an e-mail notification. To retrieve the report, visit Order History Reports and click on Download.

Note: If ASINs and tracking numbers are missing digits, this might be a problem associated with reading certain values in Microsoft Excel. If this happens, we suggest you using a text editor to open the file or using Microsoft Excel’s import data utility to load the CSV file. This will allow you to customize each column’s data type (as text) so each numeric value are going to be displayed as pure text.

What is the Manage Returns page

To process the return request, go to your Manage Returns page, where you’ll review, authorize or decline requests. to get there from your seller account, click the Orders menu then click Manage Returns.

You can take several actions on return requests in the Manage Returns tool.

Authorize request

Review the request and authorize the customer to return the item to you. you’ll review multiple return requests at an equivalent time by selecting the requests you want to review then selecting “Authorize all selected returns” from the menu at the top of the Manage Returns page

You can update your settings to receive return request emails with links to Authorize, Close or Reply, and you’ll have Amazon automatically authorize return requests. You’ll want to automate returns if you’re far away from your business for any reason.

During the authorization process, you’ll be prompted to either use the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number generated by Amazon or enter a custom RMA number of your own. RMA numbers will appear to the customer on both the RMA and therefore the Amazon-generated return label.

You will be prompted to choose an address. You’ll have the choice of using one among your previously saved address or adding a new return address.

You will also have the choice of using an Amazon-generated return label or uploading your own custom return label. If Amazon generates the return label, the customer will receive a return label, which isn’t prepaid, that has your default address.

Close request

Close the return request if you plan on providing a refund without requiring the item’s return or if you decide to not accept a return (for example, if the request is outside of Amazon return policies).

Select the reason for closing the request and provide comments to the customer. Once the request is closed, Amazon will send the customer a message with the reason for the closure. A buyer can also close a return request. You’ll receive an email notification when a buyer closes a return request.

To encourage buyers to possess confidence once they make purchases from sellers, we believe that it’s important to supply buyers with excellent service during the return process. If the value of a return (yours or the buyers) exceeds the value of the original item, consider contacting the customer and offering to let the customer keep the first item and still receive a full refund. If you’ll not be providing an option for the buyer to keep the original item, and if the customer will be responsible for return shipping costs that are near to or exceed the item’s value, we recommend at least contacting the customer to make sure that they’re aware of the price of dispatch and, if possible, offering credits, incentives (such as a discounted shipping rate) or both to provide a far better experience.

Issue refund

You can issue a refund either after the item has been returned or, if you’re allowing the buyer to keep the item, immediately. If you wish the item to be returned, we encourage you to wait until you’ve received it before issuing a refund in order to judge its condition on return.

Contact buyer

Send the buyer an email to discuss the problem and work towards a resolution.

For more information on a specific return request, click on Read return details & order history within the return request.


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