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What are the Quality Alerts, Suppressed Inventory & Inbound Inventory?

What are the Quality alerts on Amazon?

You will find those alerts while listing a new product. Quality Alert helps you to know that the listing could also be incomplete in some way. So you should be able to see what’s missing if you go and edit the listing. There should be at least one tab with the caution symbol thereon letting you know that there’s information missing during this section.
It can be anything from a product detail to a picture, or even the category it had been placed was +specific+ enough. If something is missing from the required information your listing will fall into “Suppressed “
It is only an alert because it’s not required for your item to stay listed. They’re just suggesting that you simply update the information in order that others may find your product easier.
To fix the information, click edit on the product that has the +quality alert+. It should display a more descriptive alert at the top of our item page let you know you what they suggest to be updated.

What is suppressed Inventory on Amazon?

Suppressed listings usually occur when a selected product listing doesn’t quite live up to Amazon’s rigorous standards. According to Amazon, these suppression guidelines are in place to make it easier for consumers to locate, research, and truly purchase products on its platform. So as to make sure product listings won’t be suppressed by Amazon, sellers should include all required product details and knowledge.
Common examples of missing or insufficient information which will cause suppressed listings to include:

  1. Any product listing without at least one main image of the product.
  2. Any listing (excluding certain categories like apparel, books, or shoes) without an in-depth product description.
  3. Any clothing or accessories item with a title longer than 80 characters.
  4. Any product listing without an outlined category type.

What is Inbound Inventory on Amazon?

When inventory units are indicated as inbound, this implies that their system recognizes them as being tied to a shipment that has either not yet been delivered or has been received but has not completed processing.

Inbound’ status means your products are on their thanks to a fulfilment centre. After you check ‘complete shipment’ or ‘mark as shipped’ the status changes from ‘working’ to ‘inbound’. the next states are:

  1. Delivered (box(es) or pallet are on the property at an (FC)
  2. Checked-In (for pallets, the trailer has been pulled up to a dock and FC “sees” the pallet)
  3. Receiving: boxes are open and staff is scanning/putting away your items
  4. Closed: FC is completed with the shipment


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