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What is Amazon Summer Sales?

Amazon has set a date for its “Summer Sale” event that’s designed to provide a lift for sellers feeling the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and thus the delay of the company’s annual Prime Day event.

The company sent a notice to sellers early Tuesday informing them that it’s hosting a “Fashion Summer Sale Event” on June 22, according to a document viewed by CNBC. The notice says that participation within the promotional event is by “invitation only” and it’s expected to run anywhere from 7 to 10 days long.

“We are having the foremost important Summer Sale event to drive excitement and jump-start of sales,” the notice states. “To drive customer engagements, we request your participation”. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to CNBC that it’s hosting the summer sale later on this month.

Biggest sale!!

“The Big Style Sale is slated to require place later on this month and may include seasonally-relevant deals from both established and smaller fashion brands,” the spokesperson said during a press release.

“We are delighted to help brands connect with our vast global purchaser base for this event.” Amazon remains finalizing details around the event, which isn’t named, but has been given a working title of the “Biggest Sale in the Sky.” the company is within the method of finalizing the landing pages for the event and asked sellers to submit deals for items with a discount of a minimum of 30% by the end of the day on Wednesday. It’s unclear what items are aiming to be discounted as a part of the sale or whether it’ll be restricted to Prime subscribers.

What this event represents?

The event represents a shift in Amazon’s summer deals tactic. Amazon typically hosts its two-day summer sale, Prime Day, in mid-July.

However, recent reports have suggested that the company will postpone its marquee event until September as its warehouses still manage a surge in orders because of the coronavirus. The summer sale will likely help some retailers sell the extra inventory that’s accumulated in their warehouses, over the past few months.

In March, shoppers flooded Amazon’s website with orders for essential items like paper towels, hand sanitiser and others, which forced it to prioritize shipments of household and medical goods until the middle of May. Some sellers who offered goods outside those categories felt like they were left within the lurch, while others were able to shift their gears and ship items without Amazon’s help or by selling in-demand items like face masks. Operations at Amazon’s warehouses have slowly returned to normal in recent weeks. Sellers are now eager to participate within the summer sale also as Prime Day, with many of them viewing the discount events as an opportunity to make up for losing sales over the past few months.


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