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What is MerchantWords?

As an Amazon merchant, you’ve most likely regularly thought about what’s on the psyches of your clients. Enormous box stores burn through a great many dollars a year to focus on what their client base is thinking. Realizing this priceless data can assist them withdrawing in more clients and land more deals.

It’s in every case better for your business when you have a closer relationship with your clients. This is called fabricating affinity. In the event that clients feel like they can believe your risks are they will working with you.

MerchantWords is a gigantic information base of catchphrases that customers have gone into Amazon’s web crawler. For what reason is this useful to you, the dealer? Since it permits you to perceive what your clients are generally intrigued by.

This is an enormous advantage. Realizing this data permits you to more readily change your posting. You have a more prominent potential for success of drawing in more individuals by including famous catchphrases into your posting. You can likewise tailor your item contributions to what the clients are searching for. Perhaps you discover a diamond of a watchword that bunches of individuals are searching for, yet has no item posting.

MerchantWords has been around since 2012. Their priceless information has profited well more than 100,000 business people. It has offered to ascend to more noteworthy client assistance and has helped organizations accomplish objectives they never imagined conceivable.

We should pause for a minute to take a gander at the numbers backing up MerchantWords’ cases. They have more than six years of involvement with dissecting Amazon information. Since their initiation, they have gathered over 1.6 billion catchphrases from Amazon for examination.

They have investigated more than 400 million Amazon items, they get their information from 11 distinctive Amazon commercial centres, and they have helped over 100,000 unique organizations increment their income.

Those are some quite amazing numbers. Thus, how about we investigate the cycle and how Merchant Words recovers and conveys its information. A committed group scours each posting accessible on Amazon. Much the same as you would, they go to the pursuit box, type in the letter An, and record each proposal in the drop-down box.

Next, they include the following letter in the letters in order and record those recommendations. They do this until they have finished each letter in the letter set. This outcome in the assortment of a huge number of watchwords overall accessible Amazon commercial centres. These outcomes at that point get spared into a cluster.

Regular Language Processing program is utilized to investigate every single hunt term. This strategy intently copies Amazon’s restrictive A9 calculation. It has fundamentally the same as man-made reasoning to give them more exact outcomes.

It does this by separating the catchphrase language into shorter pieces. They utilize these pieces to see how they identify with different words across Amazon. This cycle allows the MerchantWords’ group to team and ranks every individual search query. Their restrictive calculation at that point takes a gander at what sort of interest and positioning these expressions have across Amazon.

Alongside these catchphrases, MerchantWords considers the number of customers to visit Amazon every month. They at that point put that apportioned number against the quest volume for each and every watchword on Amazon.

Once MerchantWords has adequate information, their group of architects, information experts, and item chiefs cautiously investigate the outcomes. They investigate them various occasions to guarantee they are precise and modern before delivering them to organizations around the world.

Any information recovered from Amazon is utilized against the information of MerchantWords’ exclusive programming. That equivalent group of specialists and examiners at that point get the chance to work in checking the precision of their subsequent watchwords to guarantee they are fit to be utilized by general society.

Since Amazon is continually refreshing and changing the manner in which they work together, MerchantWords must strive to stay aware of Amazon. Keep in mind, MerchantWords does this for different business sectors other than the United States. This implies there are totally various catchphrases, dialects, and numbers that MerchantWords must examine for those business sectors.

It is a steady fight, and MerchantWords must guarantee that their calculations are up to task each and every month. Since MerchantWords has been doing this for a long time at this point, they have built up a smoothed out framework for ordering these watchword searches to give you dependable measurements regardless of what changes Amazon makes.

MerchantWords’ calculations change similarly as regularly, if not more than Amazon’s calculations. This guarantees you, the client, that you are getting a modern and exact asset to assist you with prevailing in your Amazon selling experience.

MerchantWords is a phenomenal device that you can use to more readily shape your showcasing effort and drive in strong marketing projections. MerchantWords gives you substantially more than just watchword information. It is stacked with apparatuses and highlights that will help improve your image.

We’ll turn out every one of these each in turn so you improve comprehension of what they do and how they can support you. To start with, we should talk about the evaluating and what you can hope to pay for MerchantWords’ administrations.

MerchantWords Services

Are you wondering how to use Merchant Words? If this seems like a lot of information, don’t worry. Next up we’re going to cover they’re listening to advisor tool, collections, classic search, and keyword multiplier.

Listing Advisor

First up is posting guide. You can discover this in the side route board under ‘La’. This is MerchantWords’ remarkable creation administration for Amazon postings. By what means would this be able to support you? These instruments deliberately place forte words into your posting portrayal. This attempts to support your positioning with the goal that customers see your posting first.

There are a ton of administrations out there that attention just on item depictions. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what clients are searching for, at that point you don’t have a clue what unique catchphrases to utilize. By having MerchantWords priceless assets readily available, you can make a more exact posting that will get customers consideration.

At the point when you purchase MerchantWords, you get their full accumulation of looked through catchphrases, current watchword revelation, and absolute control in making your posting. MerchantWords’ posting consultant at that point utilizes their quick organization of information against the data that you give them in your underlying poll.

This aides MerchantWords better comprehend your image, the items you offer, and what makes you not the same as your rivals. After they’ve gathered this data, they coordinate you up straightforwardly with an advertising master from their accomplished staff.

This master essayist at that point starts investigating their gigantic information base of watchwords that most intently coordinate your image and items. This author will likewise take a gander at different postings, contending items, various classes, moving watchwords, related catchphrases, and the sky is the limit from there.

This exploration causes them to more readily see how Amazon clients look for items like yours. When the essayist feels that they have adequate data with respect to your item and where it positions on Amazon’s Market, they will start composing a portrayal for your posting.

This incorporates item data, the title of the item, related list items, and any related pursuit terms. The information that the author incorporates is catchphrase driven. This guarantees that you get the most outcomes.

After this cycle is finished, you will get your new posting in under 10 business days. As of now, you can audit the inclining to ensure it is right and precise. When you approve that all that looks at, just reorder the gave data into your Amazon posting.

No private data is ever traded so you can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that your data remains secure and in your full oversight. As a little something extra, dealer words will give you a freeze rundown of the most famous Amazon catchphrases identifying with your item.

You can utilize this information to expand benefits, PPC missions, and alarm any external adherents to your item. It’s an extraordinary method to keep your clients aware of everything utilizing the most sweltering and most utilized watchwords.

One of the incredible highlights MerchantWords offers its clients is finished fulfilment. On the off chance that in any way, shape or form you don’t care for their gave posting, they will give you a total revamp for nothing.


As an afterthought board, Collections is found under ‘Co’. The assortments instrument is an extraordinary component that allows you to store and list the entirety of your preferred watchwords. For what reason is this significant? It lets you find continuously how a catchphrase is faring on Amazon. You can see the hunt volume of that word so you’ll realize how it’s right now moving.

You can store these catchphrases in various classifications. For instance, in the event that you wish to store watchwords identifying with your posting, you can have a gathering only for that. In case you’re running a PPC crusade, you can store those words together to augment your mission.

Classic Search

In the side route bar, Classic Search is found under ‘Cs’. Exemplary hunt is the place you will the entirety of the principle catchphrases to use in your posting. What’s helpful about this device is you can channel the catchphrases by various classifications. This causes you to get more refined indexed lists. You can likewise channel via search volume, that way you’re just utilizing words that your set wanted a measure of individuals are searching for.

You can likewise verify whether these watchwords are being utilized in different nations. With every catchphrase, you can open up a full investigation board to give you more noteworthy information on singular ventures.

You can likewise observe the catchphrase’s profundity. This fair method how quick the watchword shows up in Amazon’s hunt bar.

When taking a gander at the Amazon Search Volume highlight, this gives you the number of individuals are looking for this specific term consistently. As you’re looking for well-known watchwords, you’ll see an appearance tab. Under this is the catchphrase’s irregularity highlight.

On the off chance that the catchphrase says Evergreen, that implies customers are looking for it consistently. In the event that it’s Seasonal, that implies customers are just looking for it each one to a quarter of a year. In conclusion, in the event that it says New, that implies the catchphrase just showed up and has not yet been set up.

Keyword Multiplier

One more supportive apparatus from MerchantWords is the keyword multiplier. You can discover this in the sideboard under ‘Kx’. This significant little apparatus permits you to enter in catchphrases and get back top-notch of related watchwords. You would then be able to utilize these related watchwords in your item portrayal or PPC mission to get your posting more prominent perceivability and more snaps.

This is an incredible method to guarantee that you don’t miss any possibly accommodating catchphrases. Amazon customers regularly utilize an assortment of search words and mixes when attempting to discover an item.

This makes it extremely simple for venders to miss certain words, bringing about their nonappearance from your posting. Everybody has various methods of talking and looking for things. This guarantees that you miss the least words conceivable if any whatsoever.

Page on Products

Found in the sideboard under ‘P1’, page one items give you all the top postings for any watchword you enter. From this page, you have additionally demonstrated the base value, the most extreme cost, and the normal cost.

Utilize this supportive element for your potential benefit so you realize how to appropriately value your items. In the event that an item is by all accounts moving low, you would prefer not to value it high and danger passing up deals. Having this device will permit you to all the more likely value your items to coordinate what’s presently moving so you remain at the head of the rankings

Close to each posting you will see its ASIN, its situation among the rankings, the cost of the item, and the number of audits it has. Close to that, you will see its normal star rating. In the event that an item is an Amazon’s Choice posting, it will be documented close to the rating.

You would then be able to explore each leaning to perceive what credits it has that makes it positioned so exceptionally among the Amazon indexed lists. This is an extraordinary method to tweak your own postings to guarantee that they are seen by more customers.

Doing this will assist with expanding your primary concern, give you more noteworthy perceivability, and help you to seriously value your item.


This element is situated in the route bar under ‘A+’. This significant instrument lets you see what watchwords your rivals are utilizing. In the event that a contender is fruitful, this will assist you with discovering why.

In the hunt bar that is given, you enter your rival’s ASIN. Think about this as an opposite phone number query, just with item numbers. Presently, you can legitimately see what catchphrases your top rivals used to drive deals. This is particularly helpful whenever said contender is profoundly effective.

The outcomes are equivalent to the exemplary Search apparatus. You actually observe where the page positions, the number of audits every item has, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A convenient expansion to the ASIN Plus device is the CSV downloader.

This lets you download your fragrance wanted a measure of watchwords. You would then be able to utilize this rundown in your own PPC mission or item depiction.

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords looks to be another essential tool for any Amazon Seller. The fact that you can see what your competitors are using to drive sales is nothing short of incredible. It’s almost like you have their playbook or you’ve copied their notes.

The results that MerchantWords displays have shown to be accurate and up-to-date. This ensures that you’re using the hottest keywords that your customers are searching for on a daily basis. What better way to increase traffic and drive sales than to get a glimpse inside the minds of Amazon’s shoppers?

All of these features are absolutely fantastic and work together to deliver an invaluable tool. But what makes this all worthwhile is the fact that it is so easy to use. Anyone can pick it up and immediately feel right at home. If you have had any experience with Amazon at all, chances are you’re going to have no trouble with MerchantWords.

The product is clean and easy to understand, it is kept current, and it is loaded with useful features. If MerchantWords has a downside, it would have to be its pricing. For the best yearly membership, it is woefully expensive. However, the positive results that it can bring to your brand are priceless. It’s not really an expense as much as it is an investment.

In the grand scheme of things, this may be pocket change compared to the increase you’ll see in your revenue. If you’re just getting started on Amazon, you may want to try the Silver Plan to start out.

Since it’s only $29 a month, see how it does for a month or two. If you notice that its features are beneficial to your brand, consider going annually. This lets you try out a handful of features and not all of them at once.

Pricing aside, MerchantWords looks to be a wonderful investment. It has proven results to back up its claims, and if you end up not agreeing with them you can cancel anytime.


Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja Hamza Rasheed
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